The New and Improved Lean Office Pocket Guide

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By: Don Tapping

The New and Improved Lean Office Pocket Guide has over 120 illustrations to visually convey the tools and concepts, along with detailed descriptions of all the Lean tools. This newer version of the best selling The Lean Office Pocket Guide also includes: 10 sections that include examples of Lean for electronic files and folders, a Waste Audit, and a Glossary of Lean terms.  The tools of 5S, value stream mapping, document tagging, continuous flow, standard work, visual control, takt time, pitch, runners, waste, plus numerous other Lean tools are thoroughly defined as well as guidelines provided for the implementation of each tool.  This version has digital photos of Lean office best practices throughout!


By: Don Tapping

The New and Improved Lean Office Pocket Guide (2017) is designed to be a convenient, quick reference that provides a valuable insight into the ways that Lean can be applied in the office – for both your paper-based and electronic work. You can put your finger on any entry within a matter of seconds! Create your entire Lean Office transformation with The New and Improved Lean Office Pocket Guide. It is developed for managers, supervisors, and people working at all levels of the organization. Now with this newer version you can begin to leverage those same Lean concepts and tools to move all information faster and more accurately, as well as better organize you Desktop (electronic) files and folders. Allow this insightful and ready-to-use guide to be your path to increased efficiency and reduced stress in the office! Each chapter provides a detailed explanation of that tool, implementation steps, case studies and/or photos, and desktop examples for electronic files and folders. The topics are 5S, A3 Project Reports and Lean Thinking, Cycle Time, Engaging Today’s Workforce, Error Proofing and Visual Controls, Flow, Gemba Walks, Goals and Outcomes, Implementation Tools and Strategies, Interruptions and Random Arrivals, Just-In-Time, Kaizen Events, Managing Change, Measurement Techniques (Charting),Physical or Process Layout, Pitch, Predictable Output, Problem Solving, Reporting and Communications, Runners, Six Sigma, Standard Work, Standard Work for Leaders, Takt Time and Demand Analysis, Value Stream Mapping, Visual Management, Waste Walk, Work Load Balancing, and details about LeanFITT as well as available apps for Lean.

Spiral Bound –  3.5” x 5.5”  – 260 pages – 160+ Illustrations, Forms, Worksheets, Digital Photos of Lean Office and Desktop Practices

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